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Elena's Bonfire Jacket


My friend is selling this jacket. Please check it out! The money is for a good cause.

Summer move forward
And stitch me the fabric of fall

Matt Davis teases that most of his scenes in the first two episodes are with Nina.


Julie Plec says that Tyler and Elena are going to have a stronger “friend” dynamic this season. #TVD

I am not good. I am not virtuous. I am not sympathetic. I am not generous. I am merely and above all a creature of intense passionate feeling. I feel—everything. It is my genius. It burns me like fire.

Elena Gilbert + Outfits

Delena 1x6 / 5x22

I feel like I’ve been crying since the day that my parents died. My life it’s – it’s like a never ending funeral. (…) All the hurt, I feel like it’s trying to explode out of me.


Nina Dobrev | Against the clock