I need you to need me.

Delena + space in 5x17.


Damon & Elena | Stefan and Caroline - Wings

This has got to be the most beautiful TVD video I’ve ever watched. The parallels between these ships are mindblowing. 

It’s like they’re screaming endgame.

"that’s why you need to let me go.”

"Take me back to the start."

"I can’t be selfish with you."

"-It’s about us. It’s not just we are bad for each other, It’s that when we were together we do bad things for each other. And I can’t live like that. -I’ll drive you to whitmore. -If you do that then I’m gonna spending entire car ride thinking about your hand next to mine… and even I try I won’t be able to stop myself to taking it, or from letting you kissing me. And we are never gonna gets where we need to go. We just end up back here where we started it. That’s why you need to let me go."

"The last thing I remember I was running into your arms..I felt so safe". [5x16 promo]

The Vampire Diaries 5x16 Promo - While You Were Sleeping